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Assisting the Resettlement in Europe

Assisting the Resettlement in Europe

Continued violence and political unrest in countries including Syria and Afghanistan have forced many thousands of people to flee their homes. After long and often dangerous journey, people are now beginning to rebuild their lives in Europe.

The process of resettlement is a long and arduous one, with many barriers to overcome including cultural differences, housing instability and educational and career challenges.

Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) is active in 9 countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom to help assist with this process.

FOCUS has employed a team of dedicated professionals to offer one-to-one assistance in navigating the asylum process, finding rented accommodations, learning their national language, and supporting pathways to employment. Leading research in refugee resettlement emphasises the importance of trusted advisors and case management as a key element to supporting the long-term integration of newcomers. By continuing this work, it should enable these asylum seekers to evolve to become contributing citizens of the countries they have chosen to live in.